Ripple has an ambition to go public after it has settled the lawsuit with the SEC

Ripple’s largest shareholder – SBI Group believes that Ripple will go public as soon as it settles the lawsuit with the SEC.

Yoshitaka Kitao, the chief executive of Japanese financial giant SBI, stated that Ripple has yet to give up its plan to be listed on a stock exchange despite an ongoing tense legal battle with the SEC.

Kitao says that both Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and executive chairman Chris Larsen are planning to make this bold move.

Kitao says that SBI Group’s investment in Ripple will be successful after Ripple’s successful listing, SBI Group is Ripple’s largest external shareholder. Kitao added that blockchain consortium R3 – another company in the industry actively supported by SBI – will also be listed someday.

Garlinghouse hinted at the event last year, predicting that IPO will become more common in the crypto and blockchain industries.

It can be said, Ripple’s ambitions are completely grounded. Look at how far the company has had a series of legal wins lately. Ripple (XRP) capital inflows from institutions break out, bringing a lot of hope from investors.

However, if Ripple can successfully implement this plan. The journey to conquer the 3 USD price will not be too difficult, even XRP’s glorious 2018 history will be repeated and further in the future.

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